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Ben and I were introduced to each other back at the end of May '07. I was interning at the Cleveland Clinic. Little did I know I was living just minutes away from the man who would be my future husband. It was an instant connection between us.
We spent the rest of the summer getting to know each other through various adventures at the Ohio state fair, Niagra Falls, Columbus, and fireworks at Blossom music center.There was no doubt that both of us knew we had found the one we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with. As the fall came around Ben and I knew we were up for a challenge as I needed to finish my last year of school 45 mins away in Canton, Ohio. After spending almost every day together, we would be limited to seeing each other on the weekends. As expected it only made our relationship stronger. Through short phone calls on Ben's lunch break and long calls after nine Ben and I took our relationship to another level. Weekends were spent doing anything and everything, it didn't matter as long as we were together. Fond memories were made as we spent countless hours playing pool, basketball, tennis, taking salsa lessons, and traveling to new places. The longing for each other in our hearts was not the strongest bond that brought us together though, it was our mutual love and desire to live a life Glorifying The Lord that brings us even closer.